St. Stephen's Catholic Church

18858 Huron River Drive, New Boston, MI  48164

 Parish Contact Info



Rev. Fr. John P. Hedges                                (734)753-5268

Emergency/Funeral Cell                                (734)341-3893


Parish Secretary / Funerals / Baptism / Registration

Joan Gutierrez                             (734)753-5268

Fax                                              (734)753-5828


Convent                                                       (734)753-9937


Director of Religious Education

Joan Gutierrez                                             (734)753-4722



Christian Service Coordinator                  (734)771-9691 



Eucharistic Adoration

Joan Gutierrez                                              (734)753-5268



Wedding Coordinators

Pat Luciow                                                    (734)782-9771

Karen Reitz                                                   (734)778-5970








Parish Office Hours:

Monday through Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm

Except Wednesday 3:00pm - 7:00pm


Parish Bulletin Deadline:

Tuesday 10:00am for the following week


Church Address:

18858 Huron River Drive

New Boston, MI 48164

Telephone: (734) 753-5268

Fax: (734) 753-5828



School Address:

18800 Huron River Dr.

New Boston, MI 48164

Telephone: (734) 753-4175


Webmaster Email:



Please note that before a baptism can be scheduled, attendance of the Baptism Class held by Fr, John is required. The class must be attended by at least one parent and one godparent. It is highly recommended that the class be taken before the baby is born to avoid any delay in scheduling the Baptism. For more information contact:



Arrangements must be made by the engaged couple a minimum of six months prior to the desired date of the ceremony.